I am 33 years old, Italian, and live near Ferrara, 100km from Venice. I am the father of two boys, Francesco and Gabriel Cristiano, of 9 and 7 years of age.

I fell in love with Argentina while living in Buenos Aires. After many trips throughout the country, from north to south, I am in love with the land and its people; when in Argentina, I always feel at home.

I always enjoyed sports – I am a swim coach, and I have practiced a bit of everything. I especially love traveling on bicycle. My longest journey was from Italy to Portugal, crossing through France and Spain – 2300km, and encountering many adventures! After a long sales career, I made a drastic change and decided to become a full-time bicycle guide. I’ve guided tours in many parts of Europe, including Italy, Spain, France, Poland, Hungary, and Romania. I’ve worked one season in Patagonia with Dirty Bikes, guiding tours over the Andes Range – a great experience that I will repeat every new season!

I like reading very much, and adore meeting new people, from everywhere in the world. I believe this allows me to better understand the world we live in, as well as myself.