Hmm.  Why the question mark, you ask?  Just prior to the launch of your tour, you will have met your guide, the person specifically charged with ensuring you a world-class experience.  But by the end of the trip, almost inevitably, your erstwhile guide will have become your friend and mentor in the spirit of the Patagonian adventure.

Along the way, they take you to the magical spots where you relax and enjoy timeless, triumphant moments; they reveal the secrets of Patagonia to you.  And they also act as authentic hosts by introducing you to an exotic culture and people.  Yes, our guides are exceptional in every respect.  And among their peers in the adventure tour industry, they are some of the best in the world.

Those are our guides, and this is our team.  A team comprised of 20 people in different roles and led by the venerable Anibal Marasi, the founder of Dirty Bikes.  Before managing the staff and the Dirty Bikes shop, Anibal was, and still is, a lover of traveling through Patagonia on his bike.  Above all, Anibal’s true love is sharing this passion of Patagonian adventure with others.