What do our past guests say about us?

Our customers come from every corner of the world. Certainly, this mix of fantastic people that take part in our trips is one of the funnest and most interesting aspects of a Dirty Bikes experience. People who love to travel and to explore, experience new cultures from the inside out, and who love the outdoors, great food and great company. Their biking experience varies, from the most advanced to those who are just beginning with this wonderful activity – but they all love the wonderful perspective that biking and active travel gives us.

We all really enjoyed the trip.

“Thanks for being a super guide! You were professional, interesting, fun, cool, relaxed and seemed more like a knowledgeable friend by the end of the trip than a professional biker man.
We were particularly impressed with your picnic making powers. You did an excellent job of looking after us!”

Kevin Lawrence (England)

Thank you for the great bike trip.

“Although I found it quite difficult at times and found it a challenge , I absolutely loved it! Thanks so much for helping me to overcome my fear of biking downhill!!
The scenery was amazing and it was so good to see it all in the open air and not by car or bus! A great trip, well worth it”

Michelle Wallace (England)

Michelle Wallace (England)

I want to congratulate Anibal and his team for the excellent organization of our adventure

“The human touch and magnificent disposition in everything, and in every moment”

Daniel Saramaga (Argentina)

I loved the trails and circuits

“And especially the last 3.5 km uphill, excellent! And everything else was brilliant! Pepe was great, as was Nicholas the chef. Kisses!”

Gabriela Alaimo (Argentina)

Damiano (Tour Leader) was wonderful!

“The biking was great and it was superb to have the van support as our children learned to mountain bike. Damiano was spectacular with the children, they were very comfortable with him. The trip was well organized and supplied. The kayaking was lovely. All around, a great 3 days in Patagonia. Thank you so much”

The Feder Family (New York, USA)

Many thanks to Javier and Pablo, our excellent tour leader and ride guide.

“Our ride through such beautiful forests and lakes was enhanced with our guides’ friendly, polite and relaxed manner. All accommodations were first class and the camp at Lake Falkner provided a personal and memorable barbecue in a quiet location. All lunches were gourmet affairs. Javier provided intelligent, fair and detailed knowledge of the surrounding nature, environment and the people of Argentina. Very enjoyable and memorable for me. Thanks to all at Dirty Bikes.”

Malcolm Griffiths (Australia)

We were treated with perfect professionalism, everything was delivered exactly as promised.

“What an incredible itinerary, one day better than the next, beautiful places and delicious food. Congratulations on the organization and logistics to the entire Dirty Bikes team. Best of all was the privilege of meeting Silvina and Pablo, our Tour Leaders – they were both sensational, always attentive, and very patient in teaching us how to ride our mountain bikes. They were sensible to our personal needs and did everything possible to make each one of us happy. All of this with constant merry, energy, humor and warmness. More than customers, we feel like we´ve become great friends, and words cannot express our gratitude”

Joaquim, Liu, Lee, Roberto, Sérgio and Nenê (Sao Paulo, Brasil)

You guys were great!

“This is a trip I was dreaming of and you made it come true. Thank you so much. I love Argentina and Chile and I hope I can come back again on another bike trip. You took such good care of me and I really appreciate all your concern! Hasta luego, until we meet again!” 

Judy C. (New Mexico, USA)

What a fabulous trip

“The three amigos (tour leaders) are a perfect complement to each other and eventually ganged up with everyone else to constantly pick on me. As the solo traveller, I could not ask for a better group of people, or a better route (breathtaking views). This trip has been one of the most challenging yet soul satisfying journeys in memory. Kudos to Experience Plus for putting this all together.” 

Mary W. (N. Carolina, USA)

Thanks for a great trip

“The scenery was splendid, even though the weather was challenging. One of my favorite parts was the river rafting – just spectacular. Javier, Anibal and Damiano (Tour Leaders) were so personable and professional, and lots of fun. I would definitely recommend Dirty Bikes.” 

Lianne K. (Wyoming, USA)

Billy and I had a great time

“I really appreciated all of your help on getting up those hills! We enjoyed the whole group and the accomodations. The scenery was just breathtaking. We´ll be back!” 

Carole and Billy G. (Maryland, USA)

The whole trip was great.

“The rides through the colorful canyons was almost like being home, just not so many people. The change of scenery from reds and oranges and desert-like to green, lush tropic-like vegetation was great. Javier and Anibal (local Tour Leaders) were great at giving us insight into the local culture, geography and attitude of the Argentine people. Keep up the good work. We are always looking for a new place to travel and you provide us with great choices” 

Carolyn M. (Utah, USA)

I’m back home and not quite over my trip after almost a week

“Loved Argentina and wanted to let you know how impressed I was with ExperiencePlus!. We had excellent (local) guides who were efficient, fun and interesting. The country was vast and gorgeous, often feeling bigger than anything that we have in our West. Our week came off without a glitch and I would do it all again. Thank you for your help and support. I was the only one in the group who had not ridden many times with your organization and that says it all.” 

Doug W. (California, USA)

The tour leaders were amazing

“Each offered different skills and personality. Javier is a real asset with his language and history skills.” 

Rich H. (Cheyenne, USA)

Everything was perfect

“The guides, scenery, hotels, other cyclists and our friend, Doug, became a bike vacation convert!”

Jean A. (Seattle, USA)

I have so enjoyed my first visit to Bariloche

“And seeing the beautiful sights. The mountains, lakes and landscapes were incredible. Experiencing this all on a bicycle makes it even more enjoyable”

Darryl Sewell (Florida, USA)

Dirty Bikes showed me paradise!

“The greatest thing about my trip was how you always encouraged, throughout the week, helping make this dream vacation come true for me. I love sports and the outdoors – and know I also love Dirty Bikes!”

Margarete Pecke (Porto Alegre, Brazil)

Cycling is a wonderful way to experience the beautiful area around Bariloche.

“Did not know what to expect, and have been very positively surprised by the nature here. Got some nice exercise, and great company! Many thanks”

Nina Myren (Oslo, Norway)

All of the rides went beyond our expectations.

“Each destination posessed its own charm, as well as great riding. The Patagonian lamb was one of a kind. The team of tour leaders and guides so attentive at all times, enjoyable, just fantastic – 10 points!”

Vera Weber (Curitiba, Brasil)

Good job on a great trip, trails and hotels.

“Very informative on a country that needs more attention from US travelers. Thanks for showing us the more beautiful and less-traveled areas of Patagonia. You are lucky to be living in this amazing region.”

Tony Beam (Maryland, USA)

Great trip, great company

“Everything handled with a smile, looking forward to visiting this region again. I learned a lot, thanks for tirelessly handling questions with patience and humor.”

Marty Beam (Maryland, USA)

I had a great time!

“Just wanted to say thank you fo a great week cycling”

Samantha Commons, UK

it really was beautiful, and everything went very, very well

“I really wanted to thank you for the service and the attention we had throughout the trip”

Norma Gomez, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The tour was a truly special, ever-lasting experience.

“I have to compliment you on the professional way you guided us!”

Michael Kempa, Germany

The experience was incredible

“(Reflecting back), the truth is that I was much better a few days back, up in the Andes on my bike. Now it´s back to work! The experience was incredible, as well as the memories I take with me of my new friends.”

Enrique Elcoroberezibar (Spain)

I felt completely supported by the entire group throughout.

“The route was amazing, and I had the opportunity to experience a region in a way that wouldn´t have been possible had I traveled through here in a different manner. It was all marvelous, and if I could do it again, I would!”

Lilly Ballesty, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

This has been one of my greatest bike tours

“it was good to meet so nice people from South America. I’m sure that I will find an opportunity to travel with you again. Again, thank you and take care”

Sid Peruvemba, Cologne, Germany

The crew was most responsive, hard working and fun

“The only thing left was for them to pedal for me! The outfit was very well organized and disciplined – I was the recipient of a red card for descending too fast on a beautiful, shoulder-less, and railguard-free mountain road into Chile. The only words that come to mind to attempt to describe the views are: it was like riding on the moon surrounded by great people, food and memorable views.”

Nico Martin, San Francisco, CA, USA

Mariano wasn´t just our guide, but a travel mate, and a relaxed but very responsible organizer

“To put it briefly, a “boludo” of the best level! I am totally satisfied with the service. Approved and recommended!”

Antonio Barbanti, São Paulo, Brasil

This has been an unforgettable experience

“I take with me great memories. Excelent organization by Mariano. Many thanks.”

Aitor Yarza, Spain